Pieces of the Process


How does a painting come together?

What secrets does each artwork reveal–as pieces come together and a story is told?

Miscellaneous found treasures— scraps of paper, coins, seashells, pieces of ribbon, an earring, a piece of a fan, and a link from a charm bracelet–are all important pieces, part of a journey that allow a story to emerge.


These pieces carry memories–traces of people, places, and things–and are woven together in an intriguing and authentic way.


“Art is a journey, a creative process…through it, I have lived my life more freely and more genuinely than I would have otherwise.”

Betty B. Schabacker

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  1. Hi Betty, You have a wonderful website and I love the picture of you. Wish we were closer. Two of your pictures are in our camp in Maine and we get daily pleasure out of them. People LOVE the Camino La Tierra one which hangs in our living room area. And, of course, we carry the memory of Bob with his belt buckle tip in our Indian ledger painting, also in Maine.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday in August.
    Love, Susan Leslie

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