Playing with the Pieces

Insights from Artist, Betty B. Schabacker

The Creative Process

Art is a journey, a creative process . . . and through it I have lived my life more freely and more genuinely than I would have otherwise.

To do anything well is a process of doing it over and over and over again . . . not once a week, but every day.

I live it. I love it . . . I am even afraid of it.

What Works . . . I try to speak the Truth to myself . . .

In order to paint, I have to say something real—to feel it—and to listen to the muse within . . .

Never have I been more honest with myself than when I am working with a painting.

Why Collage?

I love collage–it seems natural and easy for me to talk in this language.

People think collage is easy, but it’s much more than “sticking things on with glue.”  It takes all of me.  It’s puzzle thinking–turning things around – finding things that work.


Inspiration . . . Where does it come from? Anywhere and everywhere and somewhere and who knows. I never know where inspiration may take me.  Sometimes something happens and I want to freeze it and I want to put it down.  It never existed before and I try to form it, and when I’m lucky, it happens.  I can’t will it to happen.

I never know when the muse is going to motivate me, and she only works with me when she’s ready. I can’t will her to do anything.  I’m on her terms and timing.

I can’t decide on my own that today is the day I will create a work of art.  Painting is mostly hard work.  Sometimes the outcome is good; sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes the process unfurls effortlessly–and other times it is a royal battle when nothing works and the piece is sent swiftly to the trash.

It’s a continual process of effort.  I haven’t found my perfect painting, but that’s what leads me to the next.

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  1. Betty, Not only do you paint well, but you write beautifully. Last evening Bruce and I had a little party here, and – as so many times in the past – our guests were intrigued with your animals on our walls. Drew all kinds of comments. We love being related to you!!

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